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Letter to the Editor: Supports Hansen for mayor

Fellow Ferndale Citizens:

I am writing in support of the Mayoral campaign of Greg Hansen.  Based on the information below, it is my hope that you will agree that Ferndale is in desperate need of new leadership and Mr. Hansen is the person to provide us that leadership. 

Management Experience:  Management is becoming a real issue in Ferndale City Hall.  There seems to be a conspicuous lack of a long-term strategy in city hall, most recently evidenced by the current Administration’s call for massive tax increases.  Speaking as a person with extensive experience with budgets for every size of organization, I assure you that finances are not a year-to-year issue; they are a five- and ten-year issue – or should be!  Greg’s extensive management has certainly prepared him to take a longer view of issues and prepare, in some instance years in advance, to plan for necessary projects and, most importantly, how to pay for those projects.  Greg not only has superior management experience over his opponent, he teaches management at the collegiate level!

Housing Affordability:  We need a Mayor who understands that affordable housing is more than just a talking point and takes a comprehensive view of housing costs.  There has been quite a bit of discussion recently about “Mayor Mutchler’s Affordable Housing Survey.”  Now that the Mayor has admitted in an e-mail to his supporters that he did not write the report, it is understandable why he doesn’t quite “get” the issue.  Discussing this matter with Greg on several occasions, I can assure you that Greg gets it – he takes a comprehensive look at housing beyond purchase price and understands that cost of housing involves many factors – taxes, insurance, utilities, etc.  More importantly, Greg understands that almost 50% of Whatcom County families, including many in Ferndale, are already cost-burdened in their homes and are concerned about their ability to remain sheltered in the future.  Greg knows that Ferndale must prioritize projects and balance the cost of city services against the incomes of people, citizens paying those costs!!

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Shared Victory:  The most conspicuous difference between Greg and his opponent is the attitude toward ordinary citizens.  I have been contacted by Greg on several occasions to ask my opinion about city issues.  In every instance, I have felt that Greg listened intently, asked questions not just to clarify information but to test my understanding of the issues, and provided thoughtful, clear decisions as a result of the information he gathered from me and others.  I have witnessed Greg share success with those people who made it possible and take the brunt of criticism when decisions have not gone as planned.  This stands in stark contrast to my experience with the current Mayor who often deflects criticism off to individual staff members, solicits information and then presents it as his own, and results in decisions that, while expedient, are not long-term solutions. 

I have long believed that if you have brag about possessing certain qualities, it is likely because you do not embody those virtues through actions.   I am casting my vote for the candidate who personifies integrity, leadership, and results – I’m casting my vote for Greg Hansen and I encourage you to do so as well.

R. Perry Eskridge

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