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Letter to the Editor: Supports Fegan for city council

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I stand with Maralise Fegan for City Council Position 7

I am confident Maralise is the best candidate for Ferndale City council. Her dedication and constant personal strive for excellence and truth in whatever task she takes on is a major factor for my decision. Maralise has the energy, knowledge, and leadership skills to be an extremely effective council person for our community. I have recently had the opportunity to sit down with Maralise and hear some of her vision of why she chose to dedicate her time to this very worthy cause and it was no surprise that she did not hesitate to go on to tell me areas she sees that can be improved, and what she sees for the future of our wonderful town of Ferndale. The community is undergoing some considerable growing pains and I am confident Maralise can be part of a solution that takes into consideration the needs of the community as well as the municipal requirements that go along with any plan put forth. Maralise’s background within the law community gives her a perspective that fits very well with the role she has chosen to pursue. Her role in the Ferndale Emergency Resource Network (FERN) and her dedication of personal time to ensuring that FERN has the support they need to create a safe and positive community support mechanism for not only the Ferndale Auxiliary Communication Service (ACS) but Whatcom County Emergency Response Team (CERT) shows her complete and unwavering dedication to the community. I hope that at the ballot box my fellow Ferndalians can come together and chose the best candidate for the position, and I believe this person is Maralise Fegan.

Joe Lupo

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