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Letter to the Editor: Supports bond but understands ‘No’ voters

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In response to the request by school board members that voters approve the up-coming bond issue please note:

  • I support the bond issue and have voted to approve the issue.
  • I believe a new high school is necessary, and much too long overdue.

I’d like to convince acquaintances, family & friends to vote ‘YES,’ however the school board has yet to tell those reluctant voters what is being bought.

If it is to be a new school building, why not show at least a drawing?

If it is to destroy and replace another building, describe this plan.

Simply put, voters in this day and age are gun-shy of any proposal for old, new or replacement taxes.

Voters were misled that the “[Washington State] lottery will eliminate reasons for annual school bond issue” elections. This is but one case of over over-selling campaign issues.

I’d like to help ‘sell’ the idea of this bond issue, but I’ve little to offer except to state the high school needs replacement. Trying to ‘sell’ this to reluctant voters without even a hint of what the ‘new’ school will look like, what will be it’s size, etc., will have to be done with a much better feather merchant than I could ever be.

Good Luck, Board Members. You have my vote but some of my circle of friends and family are much more gun-shy than I.

Richard E. Hartley
Within Ferndale School District

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