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Letter to the Editor: Parents worked to ensure children had access to a great education

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The ballots for the Ferndale School District Bond request go out Jan. 23 and I’m hoping every one of you will find it in your hearts to fill in the oval for “Approved.”

I received an amazing public education courtesy of my parents’ generation. My parents, and tens of millions like them, lived through the Great Depression, then fought a world war to save us from fascism. Like my father, many of those veterans never finished high school, but they worked hard to make sure every child in their community had access to a great education, and taxed themselves to make it happen.

Though I lived in a poor neighborhood, I attended an amazing elementary and middle school, and a modern, well-equipped high school that prepared me to become a successful adult.

Because the Bond only narrowly lost in the November election (58.64% votes were to approve), the Support Ferndale Schools Committee, and numerous citizens who attended the November Town Hall, asked the Ferndale School Board to rerun the Bond in February.

Bottom line, we can’t keep throwing money at the decades-old buildings on the Ferndale High School campus. We need a new high school and money for critical maintenance in our elementary and middle schools.

The time to act is now. Our Kids, Our Community, Our Future isn’t just a tagline, it’s a decision to work together to ensure the next generation of adults has every opportunity to succeed.

If you want to learn more, please visit the Support Ferndale Schools website at

Cathy Watson

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