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Letter to the Editor: Endorses Llanos for City Council

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Ramon Llanos has shown in several ways that he has the ability, desire and leadership skills to be on the Ferndale City Council, Position 7.  He designed and assisted in the construction of Church Road, donated the survey work for Star Park, and saved the city about $100,000 in importing solids for the construction of the Ferndale Library.  He has worked on engineering and designing road asphalt recycling, and has some brilliant ideas about recycling rainwater and reduce water use.  Ramon is principled, intelligent and hardworking.  As a businessman, he has successfully proven himself as the owner of an Engineering and Surveying company, a Realtor and a Developer.  He has the time to dedicate to this position, is willing to hear and serve our community, and proven experience to successfully contribute to real issues (i.e. growth, traffic, streets, water, sewer, recreation and environmental protection).   Our city needs a person on the council that understands growth, development, streets, water and sewer.  I believe that Ramon is the most qualified candidate.  Please cast your vote for Ramon Llanos for Ferndale City Council, Position 7.   

Teresa Taylor

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