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Letter to the Editor: Candidate endorses others for city council

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As we approach the finish line on the upcoming election for Ferndale City Council, it is my pleasure to write a Letter of Endorsement on behalf of three candidates that are running in the current Council races: Paul Bulanov, Ramon Llanos, and Ryan O’Larey. Each one of these individuals brings to the table skills and abilities that will help the City of Ferndale immensely, as it navigates through the challenges of growth, currently and in the future.

First, Paul Bulanov, has a wide breath of experience in the real estate arena and is keenly aware of the different types of housing needs that we need in Ferndale. His understanding and grasp of the housing market, can help streamline some of our current building codes with the goal of facilitating affordable housing, together with other types of residential building.

Second, Ramon Llanos’ extensive experience in infrastructure development as it relates to streets, roads, residential and commercial building, is something that will be a real asset to our city’s future planning and development. He thinks “outside the box” and is not afraid to come up with new ideas and concepts, always tempering them with common sense.

Thirdly, Ryan O’Larey, coming from an environmental engineering background, can provide expertise in helping the city navigate through the myriad of environmental statutes and regulations that it deals with on a daily basis. Also, his desire to reach out to the city’s residents and establish a two-way communication network when there is an important issue to vote on, is refreshing and welcomed.

You can’t go wrong in choosing to support these three candidates. Each has skills and abilities that the City needs now in order to move forward in our future growth and development. Please join me in voting for these three individuals as they will be a real asset to our Ferndale City government.

Herb Porter
Candidate for City Council

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