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Letter to the Editor: Against acquiring Old Main for city uses

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To: Ferndale City Council
Re: Should the City convert Ferndale High School Old Main into a new City Hall, Council Chambers and Courthouse?

Please council let this forced deadline go by the wayside and vote NO.

  • Perry Eskridge’s review of the extensive report really hits the nail on the head regarding the proposal to purchase Old Main for a NEW city hall. I, too, read and printed out the entire report.
  • Right now Ferndale needs to figure out how it is going to afford the expansion of our waste water treatment plant and not add another tax burden project onto our backs. There is approximately $50 million in projects which includes Thornton Road. Why add another $11 million?
  • This proposal takes City Hall out of the core of the downtown and would allow staff to continue to grow at the expense of the taxpayer.
  • Partnership with the School District – NOT – the City needs to quit interfering and allow the FSD to follow through with their timeline and complete the new High School that the voters approved. The City’s interference has given the FSD a ‘black eye’ as it makes the District look like they lied about the condition of the building. It is not the FSD who is pushing this issue of purchasing Old Main. It is the Mayor and City Administrator.
  • I say NO to this “forced on the citizens decision” by the Mayor and City Administrator.
  • The City claims it needs more space. The solution is for the City to clean out its office space of rooms filled with documents, scan the files and free up the space.
  • Most importantly please look at the polls and listen to the CITIZENS, the TAXPAYERS and not the staff and mayor.

Thank you for serving,

Yvonne Goldsmith

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