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Letter to the Editor: Accuses County councilmember of bait-and-switch

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I am writing today as a result of a post I read on social media that relates to Cherry Point and it’s contributions to our communities. I went online this morning to see if the result of the Whatcom County Council vote on whether to extend the moratorium on Cherry Point was posted and I found a very disturbing article concerning this topic [links to story at]. No matter what side of the Cherry Point debate you are on … I could give you multiple reasons to support this important industry in our community but that’s for another post … everyone should be made aware of the underhanded actions of Councilmember Donovan to further his own personal agenda.

I have linked to the article but to give you a brief overview Councilmember Donovan put a newly written page into a document from an October meeting that was presented when the council came back together at the COTW [Committee of the Whole] meeting on January 15th. The new document had new language that Councilmember Donovan had written in conjunction with help from and RE Sources. These changes are critically important because they expand conditional use permits for all fossil fuel facilities. More importantly, this was a rogue decision by a councilmember trying to further his own agenda and basically trying to push it through without the full council being aware of it.

I have already written a letter to all the county councilmembers and as of this evening have heard back from one of them. Again, these are elected council members who are elected to represent all the people in this county and should not be allowed to pursue their own special interests and especially not in a bait and switch underhanded method.  

We talk about getting involved, please take a few minutes to write to the county councilmembers and let them know we are aware of the actions taken by Councilmember Donovan and we will not allow elected officials to pursue their own personal interests especially when there is the possibility of grave ramifications for these critical industries. You can contact all the councilmembers with one easy email:

Julie Rice

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