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King Tides Start This Week

king tideIf you live near salt water, you may inclined to grab your camera or sand bags when you hear “King Tides” are coming.

King Tides are the highest tides and occur when the moon and sun align, resulting in an increase in the gravitational pull exerted on the Earth’s oceans. Combined with weather events (e.g. high winds), King Tides can really put on a show.

Beaches around Ferndale will see this year’s King Tides on

    • December – 25th, 26th and 27th
    • January – 23, 24 and 25
    • February – 20, 21 and 22


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According to the Washington State Department of Ecology expected height is between 9.21 to 9.6 feet. For comparison, average high tide height through the year is closer to 8 feet.

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