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Group’s election fraud lawsuit against Whatcom County is dismissed

WHATCOM COUNTY, Wash. — A US District Court recently dismissed lawsuit challenging 2020 General Election results stating, “Because plaintiffs have asserted only generalized grievances, the court finds that plaintiffs lack Article III standing to assert their federal claims.”

Article III of the US Constitution defines what cases the US District Court has jurisdiction to hear. The Court ruled the plaintiffs failed to prove the US District Court had jurisdiction over their case.

The lawsuit filed was 1 of 4 similar lawsuits filed against county auditors across Washington by Washington Election Integrity Coalition United (WEICU), a group challenging 2020 General Election results and seeking a full forensic audit of the Washington election system, similar to an audit done in Maricopa County, Arizona.

In a press release, WEICU said the Court had found that sending the cases back to state courts would be “futile” because their dismissal was “foreordained.”

2 similar cases are being appealed by WEICU in other Washington counties.

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