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Covered mailbox shelter - one of the many surfaces defaced along the 6400 block of Trigg Road (August 11, 2018). Photo courtesy of a reader. (Graffiti pixelated)

Graffiti vandal(s) hit north Ferndale neighborhood

In what a Ferndale Police official is calling an isolated case, graffiti on private and public property has plagued a two-block stretch of Trigg Road.

Residents say the 6400 block of Trigg Road, between I-5 and Portal Way, has been the target of one or more vandals since June with much of it having been done in recent weeks. Private property as well as public road signs have been defaced.

Ferndale Police Lieutenant Bill Hatchett said there has not been any noticeable uptick in the reports of graffiti-related vandalism to consider this anything more than an isolated instance.

Hatchett says, “while there is no fool-proof way to avoid being the victim of graffiti, the best deterrent is usually a well-lit area and vigilance.”


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One resident who lives near the scene of the vandalism confirmed, “Oh, we will be vigilant!” There was talk of installing security cameras.

The Ferndale Municipal Code (FMC) says placing unwanted graffiti on public and/or private property is a gross misdemeanor and punished by a fine of up to $5,000 and/or by imprisonment of up to 365 days. Paying restitution to the victims for damages, losses and/or costs to repair the property may also be ordered by the court.

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