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Ferndale WWII Hero to Receive New Award & Recognition

Joe Moser - courtesy of Laura Mott, Office of Secretary of State
Joe Moser – courtesy of Laura Mott, Office of Secretary of State

At age 22, he was shot down over France, captured by Germans and sent to a concentration camp in Germany. Days before he and other US airmen were to be executed, he was transferred to a more humane prisoner-of-war (POW) camp.

The challenges Joe Moser, a farm boy from Ferndale, faced and his ability to survive these ordeals is the stuff of Hollywood movies. And a movie, “Lost Airmen of Buchenwald,” profiling and interviewing Joe and his fellow airmen has been produced.

Moser was in a POW camp when it was liberated by the Allies providing a triumphant conclusion to his wartime days.

And now Moser is scheduled to receive France’s Legion of Honor award April 2 at the World Trade Center in Seattle. The Legion of Honor award was created in 1802 by Napoleon Bonaparte and represents France’s highest decoration of valor.

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In addition, a series of online profiles about Washingtonians who served in World War II has just been launched by Legacy Washington, a project from the Office of Secretary of State. Moser’s profile is featured at the top of the “Washington Remembers” website.

The online profiles will be used for a new Legacy Washington exhibit, called “Washington Remembers: Their Sacrifice. Our Freedom,” opening this summer in the front lobby of the Office of Secretary of State at the Washington State Capitol.

The exhibit will feature photos and artifacts shared by Washington’s World War II veterans and their families. People are encouraged to send in photos of World War II veterans to be featured in an online gallery called Faces of Heroes. Digitized photos can be submitted using this link:

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