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Citizen receives highest civilian award from Whatcom Sheriff’s Office

Cody Deeter receiving his Citizen Commendation award from Sheriff Bill Elfo (June 2022). Photo courtesy of WCSO

BELLINGHAM, Wash. — The highest award the sheriff can give a civilian, the Citizen Commendation, is awarded to any civilian who renders courageous and/or heroic assistance to a member of the Whatcom County Sheriff’s Office (WCSO).

In recognition of his courageous and heroic actions during an aggravated assault on deputies, Cody Deeter was recently awarded WCSO’s Citizen Commendation.

During the presentation of the award, it was said that on February 10th, 2 WCSO deputies were shot by an armed suspect during an investigation in the Maple Falls area. Both deputies were injured and partially incapacitated as a result. Without hesitation, Cody Deeter, an armed citizen and good Samaritan, put himself in harm’s way, placing himself between the suspect and the injured Deputies while engaging the armed suspect. Deeter’s selfless and decisive actions allowed Deputies to move to a position of cover and begin receiving medical aid.

Whatcom County Sheriff Bill Elfo added that “Deeter disregarded his own safety and provided the cover fire from his own weapon that was needed to keep the suspect contained, facilitate the evacuation of the deputies to a safer position of cover and prevented the suspect from advancing on the deputies. His actions further allowed other good Samaritans to provide much needed aid to the deputies.”


  1. Erlin Zignatovitch June 23, 2022

    A good guy with a GUN!

  2. C King June 23, 2022

    How right you are!

  3. C King June 23, 2022

    Thank God for the second amendment! Bless you Cody for protecting and defending these two deputies.

  4. Steve A. June 24, 2022

    A real hero!

  5. Sean Sanchez June 24, 2022

    Is this that “good guy with a gun” that I’ve been hearing about for the last twenty years while our children are killed in record numbers? Good thing this “good guy with a gun” saved 2 people! It almost makes up for the thousands dying every year! 🙄🤦‍♂️

  6. Cynthia Bosch June 24, 2022

    Good job Cody Deleter! So glad the police and Cody are all ok.

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