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Christmas tree disposal options in Ferndale

Cub Scouts and helpers pose in front of some of the trees picked up for disposal (January 2016). Photo courtesy Sharon Morey.

As our attention turns to post-Christmas and end-of-the-year matters, recycling/disposing of this year’s Christmas tree is close to top of the list.

A popular option only requires placing your tree at the curb by 9am on Saturday, January 7th, to be picked up by the Cub Scouts of Ferndale for recycling.

This is an annual community service project and offered for free in neighborhoods west of I-5 within the city limits. But you can support the effort of these young people by attaching a donation envelope to your tree or mailing in the envelope they leave.

If that isn’t an option where you live, SSC Food Plus! subscribers can place their tree inside (with the lid closed) the SSC provided Toter® at no extra charge. If the Toter is full, place the tree out next to it and you will be charged $6 per tree up to 8′ tall.

If you are not a SSC Food Plus! subscriber, contact SSC (360-734-3940) to schedule curbside pickup, also for $6 per tree up to 8′ tall. Pickup must be arranged in advance.

Trees left curbside for SSC pickup should have all decorations removed. You can also recycle non-working holiday lights, extension cords and wire with scrap metal by placing next to bins. SSC asks that these be bundled and tied with string, rubber bands or twist ties.

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