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Car disabled after tire drops into hole in alley

A Ferndale man came home from work this afternoon to a rude surprise as his car’s left rear tire suddenly dropped into a hole in the alley between Alder Street and Cherry Street disabling his car.

“I thought my tire fell off,” the man said.

The car’s tire easily rolled out of the hole as the car was being pulled by a tow truck.

City of Ferndale Public Works Supervisor Bo Westford said they were able to run a camera down about 100 feet of the sewer main in both directions of the hole to figure out what undermined the road surface. It was determined a clay pipe leading to the sewer main from a residence on 1st Avenue had been compromised and likely resulted in the damage.

It’s expected that part of the alley will be blocked off until repairs can be done.

View of into a sinkhole after car tire broke through the road surface.
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