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UPDATED: Blaine Schools go into lockdown Weds. afternoon

BLAINE, Wash. — Officials with the Blaine School District announced about 2:30pm on Wednesday, May 25th, that all main campus locations were in lockdown.

The announcement said the action was being taken “due to a threat which is being actively investigated by law enforcement.”

As is typically the protocol in these situations, parents and families are not to approach or call the schools until the lockdown is lifted. Anyone already waiting is asked to leave the campus area.

A statement posted to the district’s website at 2:55pm clarified that “There are no known injuries at this time.”

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District officials issued a statement about 4:30pm that said some students in grades 6 through 12 had been evacuated to the nearby Blaine Boys and Girls Clubhouse and released to families from there. Remaining students are being located to the stadium for reunification with families.

“Police are still clearing our buildings and families are asked to stay off campus until notified,” the statement added.

At 5:15pm, Blaine Police took to Facebook to announce, “Schools have all been cleared and are safe. The school district will now begin releasing students to their families.”

At 5:30pm, district officials said, “We will begin releasing students to an authorized pick-up person with picture ID from the stadium in the next 30 minutes. Please do not take your student without checking them out from the stadium. Bus riders who are not picked up will be delivered by their normal route.”

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A joint statement from the Blaine Police Department and the Blaine School District was issued about 7pm.

A Blaine School District student received threats by text message today from an unknown source, and school staff worked with Blaine Police Department regarding their investigation. The student received additional threats that escalated in seriousness and indicated a person was in the school with a weapon. The district was immediately placed in lockdown and law enforcement was notified. 

Blaine Police Department, along with multiple local law enforcement partners, completed a clearance of the buildings without incident. No injuries were reported. No threat or person of interest was identified, and the investigation into the threats is ongoing.

The reunification process is still in progress, and we are all working together to bring families back together as quickly as possible. We are working to assure all students are accounted for and appreciate everyone’s patience. 

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The district has been in communication with OSPI and will make an announcement later this evening regarding school tomorrow. 

Despite the chaos and difficulty of this day, we are all incredibly grateful for the partnership between our school district and police department. Most of all we are grateful for the safety of our community’s children. 

Dr. Christopher Granger
Blaine School District             

Michael Munden
Blaine Police DepartmentJoint statement from the Blaine Police Department and the Blaine School District (May 25, 2022)

There was no shortage of rumors being shared, especially via social media, during this incident including that a student had been taken into custody and a weapon had been located. When pressed about this rumor, a spokesperson with the district said, “This is false information. No one was taken out in handcuffs. No suspect or person of interest was identified, but every inch of campus was thoroughly searched. There was never a person with a gun identified on campus.”


  1. Tracy May 25, 2022

    Why isn’t anyone reporting on the kid who was body checked and tazed in the middle school hallway.

  2. Mm May 25, 2022

    There were kids who were initially evacuated to the boys and girls club because police authorities had a kid in the middle school they were apprehending. All other kids on campus stayed in lockdown in the classrooms.

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