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Whatcom Humane Society: 9 stray “doodle” dogs found in same county area may have been dumped

3 of 9 "doodle" breed dogs after arriving at the Whatcom Humane Society (August 2023). Photo: Whatcom Humane Society

WHATCOM COUNTY, Wash. — The Whatcom Humane Society (WHS) has reported receiving 9 stray dogs of the same breed between August 17th and August 22nd from an area along a 3-mile stretch of Everson Goshen Road between E Hemmi and Kelly Roads.

According to WHS, 5 dogs arrived Thursday, August 17th.

We received 5 “doodles” yesterday (yes 5). They arrived as strays, found running in a semi-rural part of the county – a pair and trio, all found in the same area. All 5 are under socialized, dirty and in need of care. The suspicious circumstances and timing of their arrival (a few hours a part) leads us to believe they may have been abandoned . . . ie: dumped. Whatcom Humane Society (August 18, 2023)

4 more dogs were located in the same area on Tuesday, August 22nd.

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We received 4 MORE DOODLES today – found stray in the same vicinity as the other 5 received a few days ago – Hemmi Road, Kelly Road, Everson/Goshen Road area. All of these dogs (a total of 9 doodles) are terrified, filthy, lack basic socialization and need extensive care.

Someone must know something . . . we are hoping that the community can provide any information that will help us determine if they were abandoned, came from a breeder, hoarding situation, etc. Anyone with any information can call and leave a message (confidential okay, we just want info) at 360-733-2080 ext 3026 or email:

These dogs are not available for adoption at this time. If people are interested in possibly adopting at a future date, they need to know these are “project dogs” and will require extensive care and lots and lots of positive, reward<-based training and socialization. Whatcom Humane Society (August 22, 2023)

WHS added that this situation “is the day-to-day reality and face of the pet overpopulation problem plaguing not only our community, but the entire country.”

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