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Whatcom County Fire Marshal’s Office announces burn ban

Firefighters pull a hose to the fire. Photo: Discover Ferndale

Whatcom County Fire Marshal’s Office (WCFMO) will be enacting restrictions on all open burning in unincorporated areas of Whatcom County beginning at 8am Friday, July 7th.

WCFMO made the announcement today, saying the Stage 1 burn ban was “due to the warm weather conditions ahead and decreasing fuel moisture levels.”

Under a Stage 1 ban, all land clearing and yard debris fires are prohibited. But recreational fires will still be allowed in designated campgrounds and on improved properties with the landowner’s permission. Recreational fires are fires that are less than 3 feet in diameter, burning only seasoned firewood or charcoal and are built in an approved fire enclosure.

Violations of these burn restrictions can result in a minimum $250.00 fine. In addition, if you have an illegal fire that escapes or needs to be extinguished by the fire department, you may be held financially responsible for fire suppression costs, as well as criminally responsible according to WCFMO.

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Whatcom County Fire District 17 recently announced a burn ban within their district that took effect this morning at 8am.

Last year, WCFMO issued a similar burn ban on July 26th.

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