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What you need to know about the City’s snow removal response

City of Ferndale snowplow at Washington Street and Vista Drive (February 6, 2017). Photo: Whatcom News

The City of Ferndale has 4 snow plows, 2 full-size sanders, 1 small sander and a skid steer with a plow to deal with snow on roadways.

City Public Works crews follow 2 snow removal protocols when it comes to clearing roads. The first is an immediate response which can happen at any time on any day. Effort is focused only on designated priority routes (see graphic below). 

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The other is a standard response which occurs during regular working hours. During these times, PW crews work to keep priority routes clear and then clear other roads as time and resources allow.

On hills and at intersections, traction can easily become a safety issue under freezing conditions. The City’s sanders are equipped to deposit a coating of a salt and sand mix to improve traction.

When forecasts provide forewarning, it is not unusual to see public works vehicles applying de-icing solution on key streets in advance of snow and ice.

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