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What we’re reading: Nooksack Tribe is evicting 63 of 306 disenrolled tribal members from tribal housing

A Tribe’s Bitter Purge Brings an Unusual Request: Federal Intervention

By Mike Baker | The New York Times

The federal government, which funds tribal housing programs, asked the tribe last month to halt the evictions for 30 days in order to give the government time to review the situation.

“There are extremely concerning allegations of potential Civil Rights Act and Indian Civil Rights Act violations regarding these evictions,” Darryl LaCounte, the director of the Bureau of Indian Affairs, wrote in a letter to Mr. Cline.

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  1. Robert Cullen January 3, 2022

    It would be nice to not be required to subscribe to the NY timed to read the article

  2. J January 4, 2022

    These people do not deserve national attention.

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