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Updated Special Election count gives hope for 1 proposition in Whatcom County

WHATCOM COUNTY, Wash. — Ballots continue to be counted in a Special Election held via mail-in ballots February 8th regarding approval or rejection of property taxes for 2 school districts and a proposed library. Yesterday’s updated counts fell short for 1 proposition that requires a 60% super-majority for approval while growing past 60% for another.

Final ballot count certification is expected to happen February 18th.

The following are the updated results after 40,368 ballots had been counted by 4:20pm yesterday.

Bellingham School District 501 Proposition 2022-3 General Obligation Bonds – $122,000,000 (requires 60% super-majority)

VoteVote %
Total Votes27,151

Ferndale School District 502 Proposition 2022-1 School Programs and Operations Replacement Levy

VoteVote %
Total Votes10,043

Whatcom County Rural Library District Proposition 2022-2 Establishing the Birch Bay Library Capital Facility Area (requires 60% super-majority)

VoteVote %
Total Votes3,293

Officials with the Ferndale School District issued a statement about 8:30pm February 8th declaring their levy proposition had been approved.

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Bellingham Public Schools officials issued a statement on February 8th acknowledging the initial count fell short of the required 60% approval need but remained optimistic. After the updated county moved the approval county above 60%, they said, “While the results of this election are not certified until Feb. 18, we are feeling hopeful we have met the supermajority threshold required by state law.”

A Friends of the Birch Bay Library spokesperson issued a public statement after the updated count last night, September 9th, stating, “The Friends will be meeting to talk about our next steps with fundraising. While we all feel a bit down, we are definitely not out!”

The next ballot count is expected February 17th at about 5pm.

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  1. Shane D Walls February 10, 2022

    Once again those having no skin in the game, those who do not pay property tax, vote for funding which must be paid only by those who own property.
    Why do we bother placing school funding on the ballot?
    On the plus side – given the narrow margin of victory property owners are finally beginning to figure out the dynamic.

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