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Thankful for 2020 Lighted Christmas Stroll Through Pioneer Park volunteers

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The Pioneer Village at Pioneer Park is now dark and quiet. The thousands of Christmas lights have been unplugged and the Ferndale Heritage Society volunteers are feeling gratified with a job well done. The 2020 Lighted Christmas Stroll Through Pioneer Park was a huge success. With all safety concerns this year, the society worked with the city to get an okay to offer this event to our local community. We thank coordinator Tom Brand for his endless hours and organizing effort. Tom reported 170 hours of planning and prep, 352 hours of decorating/setup and 296 hours of hosting during the event for the group. Take down and put away still to happen.

Attendance was amazing. A total of 5,591 visitors strolled through the gate over the three open weekends. At times, some were rockin’ out to the festive Christmas music playing at the Parker House. Maybe just dancing to the upbeat music or maybe just trying to keep warm. The enjoyment and compliments received were heartwarming. So glad the Society had to opportunity to provide this festive and safe event to our community. We say thanks to our visitors for being compliant and allowing us to stay open. And thanks to those who dropped $$ into our donation box as those funds go towards cabin and artifacts maintenance.

There were 211 letters to Santa mailed at the special Santa mailbox at the Barrett Post Office. Unfortunately, eight did not have return addresses.

Thanks to My Ferndale News, Ferndale Record and the Northern Light for getting the word and the “Letter to Santa” template out.

I personally visited with so many folks who said this was their first visit to our majestic Ferndale park. One family drove up from Seattle after seeing our event online. There were lots of familiar faces of families who attend the Olde Fashioned Christmas event every year as part of their start to the holiday’s tradition.

Not going to try and thank all our volunteers, but those of you who did the majority of the work know who you are: Paul, Beth, Fred, Kay, Marie, John and yours truly… “This is why we love Ferndale”.

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year’s 2021

Linda Harkleroad
Ferndale Heritage Society

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