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State: Masks no longer required in most WA places beginning March 21

Governor Jay Inslee today, February 17th, announced citizens will soon have fewer restrictions in the state’s COVID-19 response. Beginning March 21, face masks will no longer be required in most settings, including K-12 schools and childcare facilities.

Masks will still be required in health care settings such as hospitals, outpatient and dental offices, as well as long term care settings and correctional facilities.

In addition, beginning March 1, vaccine verification for large events will no longer be required.

Businesses and local governments can still choose to implement vaccination or face mask requirements for workers or customers, and school districts can still choose to have students and teachers wear masks. Federal law still requires face masks in certain settings such as public transportation and school buses.

The mask requirement was lifted once before in June of last year, after being in effect for a year, but then reinstated by late August.


  1. Bruce Slack February 17, 2022

    Why do we have to wait a month for sanity? It’s not like it will take great planning to make it happen. He should have said “Now.”

  2. Chris February 17, 2022

    Because unfortunately there is still a sizeable amount of pro-plaguers in washington who wont get vaccinated. Deaths in washington from omicron is still higher than original/delta variant and hospitalization is still 25% higher than the delta peak.

    Encourage everyone you know to get their shots(including booster) and we will be able to return to normal

  3. Gary February 18, 2022

    You’re right Chris. If these antis could understand numbers, they’d see we’re still very high in cases here in the north county. I doubt it would change any minds, but at least they’d know.

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