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Review of the 2015 Water Quality Report

Last Updated on April 30, 2020 at 2:46pm

Customers of the City of Ferndale water utility received a report in the form of a brochure (click for PDF version) via mail recently that detailed results of tap water sample analyses. In some cases, results are from periodic samples and in others from a single annual sample.

According to the city website,

All water purveyors are required to publish an annual Consumer Confidence Report which outlines important information about the drinking water they provide to their customers.


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Contained in the recently released 2015 report is a table detailing the presence of various substances in the samples. Included in that data is the following:

Arsenic0.002 ppm0.01 ppm
Barium0.039 ppm2 ppm
Chlorine0.6 to 0.8 ppm4 ppm
Copper (tested in 2015)0 to 0.134 ppm1.3 ppm
Lead (tested in 2015)0 to 0.003 ppm0.015 ppm
Total Coliform0 positive samples (of 132 taken)1 positive samples
Nitrate0 positive of 1 sample10 ppm
Haloacetic Acids2.1 to 7.9 ppb60 ppb
Total Trihalomethanes11.3 to 44.8 ppb80 ppb

The data provided reveals none of the ‘nasties’ on the list are appearing in the tap water at levels near to the allowed maximums.

Comparing the 2015 data with the 2014 data,

Substance2014 Amt/Range Detected2015 Amt/Range Detected
Measured in “raw water” before treatment
Total organic carbon (ppm)0.50-1.52
(avg 0.71)
(avg 0.78)
Measured in Plant
Arsenic (ppm)0.002
Barium (ppm)0.039
Free Chlorine (ppm)0.6 to 0.8
Copper (ppm)
Nitrate (ppm)0 positive of 1 sample
Measured in Distribution
Total Coliform0 positive samples of 1320 positive samples of 132
Copper (ppm)0 to 0.1940 to 0.134
Lead (ppm)0 to 0.160 to 0.003
Halo acetic acids (ppb)4.9 to 12.12.1 to 7.9
Total Trihalomethanes (ppb)39.5 to 77.011.3 to 44.8

In all cases, the amounts detected in the 2015 samples were less than or equal to the 2014 samples. In other words, the results in 2015 indicate an improvement over 2014’s data for some items, others stayed the same and no items showed any worsening.

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