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Letter to the Editor: Supports Hawkinson for city council

When you’re ready to fill in your ballot for City Council Position 2, I highly recommend you choose Ali Hawkinson. Ali Hawkinson is that rare candidate whose empathy and compassion, coupled with intelligence and real-world problem-solving skills, will ensure every decision she makes on Council will be what’s best for the majority of Ferndale residents.

Ali’s running for Council because she has heard from too many Ferndale residents, and experienced firsthand, a Mayor, City Staff, and Council who too often ignore the wishes of their constituents when making decisions. For too long, City Staff and the majority of elected officials have embraced unbridled growth, telling themselves and their constituents that all the miles of additional roads, water and sewer lines, neighborhoods requiring police protection, will somehow magically maintain themselves with no additional cost to residents.

But growth has never paid for growth and it never will. Ali knows what you know, that she and her fellow residents have paid and will continue to pay the majority of the costs of serving every new resident. Even now, the Mayor and City Staff are planning to ask Council to approve a large increase in your property taxes to help pay the costs of all this growth, though the vote will come after the election and long before the majority of Ferndale residents have even heard about it.

This is why Ali is committed to making the City Council process more transparent, with realistic timelines for discussions so both councilmembers and their constituents have time to study an issue with ALL the available data before making decisions. Ali also understands that Ferndale residents need better ways of communicating with City Staff and elected officials so these important decisions can be made as a community. If elected, Ali will listen to you, then help you navigate the process so everyone else can hear you too before acting.

Ali spends her working day helping people find jobs so they can rejoin the workforce both economically and socially. She’s also personally experienced the challenges of making ends meet in an increasingly difficult economy. This is why Ali will fight to ensure City Staff exhausts every funding option before coming to Ferndale residents with increased property taxes or increased water and sewer rates.

Ali is not a politician and she’s running for Council because making other people’s lives better is what she does; it’s who she is. Ali hasn’t sought endorsements or large donations from people who want Council to make decisions to only benefit them, so she will be beholden only to the residents of Ferndale. If you want someone who will work for you, fill in the oval for Ali Hawkinson, City Council Position 2.

Cathy Watson

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