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Flood waters start encroaching into Ferndale residential neighborhood

FERNDALE, Wash. — A City of Ferndale Public Works crew placed “road closed” signs on Washington Street and Portal Way near the entrance to the VanderYacht Park parking lot tonight, February 1st, about 10:30pm after floodwaters began covering the roadways.

Neighbors gathering to view the flooding reminisced about their experiences during the 2009 flood which they estimated was about 4 feet higher than the current level which is being reported just past the 20-foot mark as of 10pm.

Looking east across the Nooksack River from Riverwalk Park while the river level is at about 20 feet (February 1, 2020). Video: My Ferndale News

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  1. Wynne Lee February 2, 2020

    I feel deeply sorry for these folks but given the history of flooding, why were residences built there? And will taxpayers, whether local or federal, be expected to pay the tab to rebuild?
    Will governments keep allowing building in inappropriate locations? My guess is yes, because … developers are very effective lobbyi$t$. Then they take their profits and leave homeowners and taxpayers to foot the bills. It’s an old, old story that I can’t imagine will change any time soon.
    My deepest, very sincere sympathies are with all hurt by this entirely predictable and avoidable devastation.

    • Helen A Rasmussen February 2, 2020

      I totally agree with you! I actually cannot believe with the history of the area, that they did build in a flood zone! I would think those people are paying a high premium for flood insurance as a condition of the sale. It is too bad that this is happening. I also feel for the residents who didn’t even know the history of the area before buying!

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