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Fireworks in Ferndale this Fourth of July

fireworksThis will be the last year when it will be legal to buy and discharge fireworks days before the actual date of July 4th in the City of Ferndale. The Ferndale municipal code changes effective September 22nd, 2015 and reduces the number of days when fireworks can be bought and discharged. The City of Ferndale isn’t alone in restricting fireworks as there were 169 cities and counties in Washington with firework restrictions or bans in place at this time last year.


Date Sales Discharge
June 28th 12p-11p 12p-11p
June 29th 9a-11p 9a-11p
June 30th 9a-11p 9a-11p
July 1st 9a-11p 9a-11p
July 2nd 9a-11p 9a-11p
July 3rd 9a-11p 9a-11p
July 4th 9a-11p 9a-12a
July 5th 9a-9p 9a-11p


After September 22nd, 2015:

Date Sales Discharge
June 28th  –  –
June 29th  –  –
June 30th  –  –
July 1st 9a-11p  –
July 2nd 9a-11p  –
July 3rd 9a-11p
July 4th 9a-11p 9a-12a
July 5th  –  –



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