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Ferndale City Council member responds to September admonition

Ferndale City Council member Kate Bishop reads a declaration of admonishment of councilmember Keith Olson into the record (September 3rd, 2019). Photo: My Ferndale News

FERNDALE, Wash. — Citing findings from an investigation led by Ferndale City Council Member Kate Bishop into a City of Ferndale employee grievance, Councilmember and former mayoral candidate Keith Olson was formally admonished by the Council during a City Council meeting on September 3rd.

In response, Olson said, “I have no comments at this time as the city has refused to its legal obligations to provide me with written copies of materials used in this so-called investigation. They keep extending their own dates to provide me with the materials. Yet here we are with a 4-page resolution written by the city attorney, not the council. If the City ever fulfills their legal obligation, I will have a lengthy rebuttal at a future council meeting.”

After that meeting details regarding the accusations and the subsequent investigation were released.

The December 16th regular City Council meeting was Olson’s last City Council meeting after his unsuccessful bid to be elected mayor. It was at this meeting Olson’s silence on the matter ended. He announced he had provided the city clerk a written rebuttal to make public record and left its distribution up to her.

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The following is what Olson submitted to City Clerk Susan Duncan.


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  1. Charlie Crabtree December 17, 2019

    Sour Grapes from a political office seeker who lost

  2. Cathy Watson December 17, 2019

    This WAS a retaliatory attack against a whistleblower. Councilmember Olson was doing his job, passing on his concerns about a potential Staff issue to the City Administrator in a private meeting (he never spoke to Chief Turner). For the record, Mayor Mutchler DID interfere with the investigation into an alleged crime by one of his children and Councilmember Olson found out about it – the original police report makes that quite clear, no matter what the police told the professional investigator hired to clear the Mayor. The police failed the alleged crime victim, then the Council helped the Mayor attack the only one of them brave enough to do the right thing.

  3. Dave Brumbaugh December 18, 2019

    An investigation by an attorney with no ties to Ferndale cleared Mayor Mutchler completely. It was reviewed by the Ferndale City Council, which included people who opposed his re-election, and accepted.

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