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Ferndale 12th Man fans have a lot to celebrate

Emily Heiser after taking over the reins at 2nd Avenue Sports after being managing the store for 6 years.

The Seahawks made it six wins in a row to end the regular season with another “not very pretty” win over the St Louis Rams. But, as they say, a “W” is a “W” no matter how you get it. The same could be said for the Seahawks’ 2014 season as just six weeks ago they were three games behind division leader, Arizona Cardinals. They’ve come a long ways.

This last “W” means a lot though as the Seahawks use it to cinch up the NFC West Championship and head into the post-season. As division champs, Seahawks get to rest a week while the others battle to stay alive. The also get to play their next games at home. This is a big advantage for any team but a HUGE advantage for Seattle. It’s almost unfair.

Who are the strongest going into the post-season? In the NFC, Seahawks, Green Bay Packers and Dallas Cowboys all got in with 12-4 records. In the AFC, New England and the Denver Broncos also finished at 12-4. Go ahead, try and pick who is going to come out of this and end up in the Super Bowl.

If you are to believe the Vegas odds-makers, Seahawks and Patriots are the favorites both at 3-to-1 odds. They’re followed by the Packers and Broncos at 6-to-1 and Cowboys at 8-to-1. Things get murky from there.

Mark your calendar for  5pm on January 10th when the Seahawks will be in the division playoff with ????

Until then visit the following Ferndale stores to get your 12th Man garb and accessories:

2nd ave sports - 12th Man stuff
2nd Avenue Sports
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Borthwick Jewelry - 12th Man stuff
Borthwick Jewelry
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L&L Salon 12th man stuff
L&L Salon
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Allison Amy Jewelry 12th man stuff
Allison Amy Jewelry
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