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Couple cited for throwing pumpkins from bridge onto road

BELLINGHAM, Wash. — Bellingham Police Department (BPD) officers cited 2 people after they were seen throwing pumpkins onto Alabama Road from a pedestrian bridge Halloween evening.

BPD Lieutenant Claudia Murphy told Whatcom News via email that the officers were dispatched about 8:50pm on Monday, October 31st. They were told people were throwing pumpkins off the pedestrian bridge into the traffic below. 

Approximate location where pumpkins were reportedly thrown into traffic

Witnesses and callers to 911 reported their cars being hit by pumpkins and/or hard objects. 1 driver reported damage to their vehicle.

Upon their arrival, an officer approached the bridge on foot while another saw them on the bridge as they tossed pumpkins. The latter officer shined his lights and used his vehicle’s public address (PA) system to speak to the persons on the bridge. Upon seeing and hearing the officer, they fled according to Murphy. They headed toward the officer who was approaching on foot and were detained. 

According to the BPD press log, Shannon Marie Billau and Joel Andrew Billau (ages 40 and 42) were cited for reckless endangerment and 3rd-degree malicious mischief.

The Billaus were each issued citations for the above 2 crimes via the Whatcom County Prosecutor’s Office according to Murphy. The cases against them have been filed in Bellingham Municipal Court according to court records.

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