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UPDATED – Comcast Outage Affecting Washington Customers

Comcast outageAn outage has been confirmed by Comcast but is apparently limited to television service only (Internet and telephone are unaffected). Although widespread (reportedly nationwide), not all customers in our region are effected.

Reports also indicate that Charter, Time-Warner and DirecTV are also effected.

TV broadcast channels above #30 are effected. Reportedly the Pay-Per-View event package for tonight’s Mayweather vs. Pacquiao fight will not be effected.

The estimated time for service restoration is currently 11pm today, Saturday, May 2.

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Update 9:50pm
Washington Comcast team just announced via Twitter, “TV channels coming back up. All channels to be restored to all impacted customers within the hour. We are sorry for the inconvenience”

Update 8:10pm
While others are sharing an outage map which indicates most of the nation is effected, this is the map just retrieved from

comcast outage map


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