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City releases 2019 Water Quality Report

FERNDALE, Wash. — The City of Ferndale recently published their annual water quality report (PDF) detailing results of drinking water sample analyses during 2019. Results for some substances are from multiple samples during the year while others are based on a single annual sample.

According to the city website,

All water purveyors are required to publish an annual Consumer Confidence Report which outlines important information about the drinking water they provide to their customers.

Contained in the recently released 2019 report is a table detailing the absence or presence of various substances in the samples. The City reports being in compliance with Food and Drug Administration (FDA) requirements as the presence of the following substances are within their establish limits.


  1. Michaela Macneill April 30, 2020

    Water tastes like chlorine

  2. Gordie Thomas April 30, 2020

    And the water is still ruining all our appliances that that so called good water going through them. Just had to replace hot water tank and dishwasher that were destroyed from this so called great water. It’s called hard water!

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