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City releases 2018 Water Quality Report

FERNDALE, Wash. — The City of Ferndale recently published their annual water quality report (PDF) detailing results of drinking water sample analyses during 2018. Results for some substances are from multiple samples during the year while others are based on a single annual sample.

According to the city website,

All water purveyors are required to publish an annual Consumer Confidence Report which outlines important information about the drinking water they provide to their customers.

Contained in the recently released 2018 report is a table detailing the absence or presence of various substances in the samples. The City reports being in compliance with Food and Drug Administration requirements as the presence of the following substances are within their establish limits.

Measured in “raw water” before treatment
Total organic carbon (ppm)0.50-5.12
(avg 1.35)
Measured in Plant
Arsenic (ppm)0.0020.01 ppm
Barium (ppm)0.0412 ppm
Free Chlorine (ppm)0.6 to 0.84 ppm
Copper (ppm-measured at the treatment plant)0 to 0.0351.3 ppm
Nitrate (ppm)0 positive of 1 sample10 ppm
Lead (ppm)0 to 0.0040.015 ppm
Measured in Distribution
Total Coliform2 positive
of 188 samples
≥ 2 positive samples
per month
Halo acetic acids (ppb)6.5 to 9.5
(avg 8.0)
60 ppb
Total Trihalomethanes (ppb)33.2 to 48.4
(avg 40.8)
80 ppb

The following table provides comparison between the 2018 Water Quality report and previous 2015, 2016 and 2017 reports.

Substance2015 Amt/Range Detected2016 Amt/Range Detected2017 Amt/Range Detected2018 Amt/Range Detected
Measured in “raw water” before treatment
Total organic carbon (ppm)0.63-1.40
(avg 0.78)
(avg 0.71)
0.65 – 0.93
(avg 0.76)
(avg 1.35)
Measured in Plant
Arsenic (ppm)0.0020.0020.0020.002
Barium (ppm)0.0390.0410.0410.041
Chlorine (ppm)0.6 to 0.80.5 to 0.90.5 to 0.90.6 to 0.8
Lead (ppm)0 to 0.0030 to 0.0030 to 0.0030 to 0.004
Nitrate (ppm)0 positive of 1 sample0 positive of 1 sample0 positive of 1 sample0 positive of 1 sample
Measured in Distribution
Total Coliform0 positive samples of 1321 positive sample of 1760 positive samples of 1802 positive samples of 188
Copper (ppm-measured in the distribution system)0 to 0.1340 to 0.1340 to 0.1340 to 0.035
Halo acetic acids (ppb)2.1 to 7.92.4 to 5.65.8 to 7.46.5 to 9.5
Total Trihalomethanes (ppb)11.3 to 44.89.2 to 39.632.1 to 48.733.2 to 48.4
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