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Snow falling in Ferndale (December 31st, 2016). Video: My Ferndale News

After a mild winter so far, this week could see some weather extremes

FERNDALE, Wash. — There is nothing too concerning within the short-term weather forecast between today and Tuesday but the long-term forecast currently warns of strong northeasterly winds across days, unseasonably low temperatures and the likelihood of inches of snowfall by the weekend.

Environment Canada forecasters issued a special weather statement today, February 7th, forewarning of cold Arctic air currently pushing southwards across the British Columbia interior towards the coast. This cold air is expected to remain in place for the remainder of the week.

This morning, National Weather Service forecasters said to expect a 20% chance of precipitation later today and the possibility it could fall as a rain and snow mix. The chance of precipitation goes away tonight and returning late Monday. Skies are expected to be mostly clear to partly cloudy until Tuesday with light winds. High temperatures are expected to drop below 40° tonight and below 30° Wednesday with lows reaching into the teens later in the week.

NWS forecasters warn there is quite a bit of uncertainty for the long-term forecast but it currently includes some weather extremes.


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Tuesday or Wednesday could see a snow event with the potential for up to a couple inches of accumulation. Winds are expected to become northeasterly by Tuesday, driving temperatures downward as the cold Artic air is pulled down from the Canadian Rockies through the Fraser Valley into the western Whatcom County lowlands in what is referred to as the Fraser Valley Outflow. Low temperatures could reach the teens by Thursday morning as a result.

Path of northeasterly Fraser Valley outflow winds. Graphic: My Ferndale News
General path of northeasterly Fraser Valley outflow winds. Graphic: My Ferndale News

Strong northeasterly winds with gusts over 40mph are expected to begin Wednesday and continue through Thursday and into Friday, if not longer.

Beginning late Thursday, a more consequential snow event appears likely and will coincide with the unseasonably low temperatures and strong winds. 3 to 4 inches of snow appear likely Friday and another 6 inches on Saturday as winds could weaken and temperatures begin rising slowly according to current weather forecast models.

Forecasts can change quickly and readers can monitor the always updated current local weather forecast for the Ferndale area via the My Ferndale News Weather Page.

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