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16-year-old catches record fish at Ferndale area lake

Cole Abshere and Joe Morin pose with the record-setting catfish Abshere pulled from Lake Terrell (August 20, 2019). Photo: Alice Morin

FERNDALE, Wash. — 16-year-old Cole Abshere was out fishing with his grandfather Joe Morin yesterday when he found himself in a battle with his first ever catfish, and it was a record breaker.

Cole’s mother Angela told My Ferndale News she and her husband had taken Cole fishing a couple weeks ago and he was really wanting to return for more. Morin was asked if he would like to take his grandson fishing and he did not hesitate, Angela said.

Abshere and Morin, both of Blaine, set up on the public pier at Lake Terrell and by early afternoon they had caught 1 trout and decided it was time to call it quits. Cole was reeling in his last cast of the day when the 45-minute battle with a record-setting catfish began.

By the time the fish had been brought to the dock it was obvious this was not a typical catfish.

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Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife staff on hand at the lake duty station contacted nearby Barleans Fishery to use their certified scale for an official weight. The official weight was recorded as 37.70 pounds and the fish measured 42-inches long.

The previous state record for the biggest catfish was 36.2 pounds caught in 1999 in a pond alongside I-82 north of Yakima.

Angela said they donated the head to WDFW for education purposes and the spine to be analyzed to determine how old the fish was. They took home about 25 pounds of cut and wrapped catfish steaks courtesy of Barleans Fishery.

Not too bad for Cole’s first catfish.

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  1. Yvonne Goldsmith August 21, 2019

    Congratulations Cole!

  2. Brenda August 21, 2019

    My mom said she caught the same fish a few years ago, she got him up on the dock and a couple of men were helping her and she felt him and he was huge she said and then you let him go good for you Cole for getting him if it is the same one congratulations!

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