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Windstorms forecast for tonight and again Friday night

Stock graphic: My Ferndale News

A Wind Advisory was issued yesterday for a windstorm expected to impact western Washington this evening and into early Friday morning. But today, a High Wind Watch was issued for another windstorm that will be following closely behind on Friday.

Today, forecasters at the National Weather Service in Seattle issued a High Wind Watch, which will be in effect from Friday afternoon through Saturday morning.

Sustained southerly winds of 20 to 35mph with gusts up to 45mph are expected tonight and into Friday morning.

Then southerly winds are expected to return Friday evening and continue into Saturday morning, this time with sustained winds of 25 to 40mph with gusts to 55mph.

Forecasters say 2 offshore storm systems will be responsible for rain and winds through much of western Washington tonight and again Friday night. Another series of systems are expected to return the pattern of active weather in western Washington Sunday through the middle of next week. This is expected to be followed by calmer and drier conditions late next the week.

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