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Tips for Cooling Down a Hot House or Apartment

house fan stockWhile we have had the luxury of becoming acclimated to warm weather during June, the upcoming days of 80+ temperatures are still going to be a challenge. Here are some tips gleaned from the internet for cooling down your home in the likely event you are not equipped with an air-conditioning system.

  1. When the air outside is cooler than the temp inside, instead of having a noisy fan in your bedroom try this trick. In another room place a high-velocity fan so that it is level with and blowing out toward an open window. Then open the window(s) in your bedroom. Now turn the fan on high. It will pull the air from the outside through the bedroom window(s) and while being noisy away from you. If you can position your bed so it’s in the air flow it can feel like you have a fan blowing on you but without the noise. Be sure to run this setup for 15 to 30 minutes before bedtime.
  2. Shut all the doors and windows in the morning before it gets hotter outside than it is inside. Closing drapes and blinds is also a good idea. This locks in the cool air and minimizes letting in outside heat from sunlight and hot air. Running fans to keep the inside air moving will make it much more comfortable than stagnate air. Don’t open again until the temperature outside is lower than the temperature inside. At that time, feel free to throw them all open.
  3. Got a lot of fans running near open windows? Be sure you have an equal number (or size) blowing in as are blowing out. Otherwise you are just stirring up the air and not bringing in the cool air. Best to have all blowing out on one side of your home or apartment and the rest blowing in on the other side. Or, if you only have a few fans, put all on one side blowing out and none on the other side (like in example 1 above).


Be sure your windows are equipped with adequate screens. Windows with weak, ripped or missing screens are easy points of entry for insects, small animals and criminals.


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  1. Ferndalian June 26, 2015

    Cover the inside of windows that get direct sun/heat from concrete lots with emergency blanket mylar….you’ll notice a nice drop in temp., as the silver mylar blocks the light AND heat. You can also try aluminium foil in a desperate gasp for cooler air. DON’T FORGET TO MONITOR SENIORS, KIDS, & PETS….CHECK ON YOUR NEIGHBORS.

    • Ferndalian June 26, 2015

      Also: soak a hand towel in cool water, ring it out, wrap it around back of your neck; run your wrists under cool water; spritz your sheets with misted water if bed is too warm; DRINK FLUIDS!

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