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Survey seeks public’s thoughts on future Whatcom Conservation District programs

WHATCOM COUNTY, Wash. — Officials with the Whatcom Conservation District invite the public’s participation in a 11-question survey to help guide and focus ongoing and future programs of the district.

Conservation Districts were established to carry out conservation programs for current and future generations. The Whatcom Conservation District has supported the residents of Whatcom County since 1946 through voluntary land management programs that protect water quality, conserve soil, and enhance fish and wildlife habitat.  While the District has worked with rural agricultural landowners since its inception, we have grown in recent years to include support to urban, suburban, and rural residential landowners and land managers on conserving those same resources.  Looking to the future, the District sees an increasing role in sustainable land management, a need to take-up the climate resiliency challenge, and opportunity to address emerging conservation priorities.Whatcom Conservation District press release (April 15, 2022)

Whatcom Conservation District is a government agency available to help all Whatcom County property owners conserve natural resources since 1946. Subject to available resources, the district can serve anyone whether they live in a city, on a farm or in a forest.

According to their website, the district currently receives 100% of their funding from grants and contracts with various local, state and federal agencies. Historically, funding has come from the Washington State Legislature through the State Conservation Commission, but this has been declining.

Click here to learn more about the district’s long-range plan and services currently being offered.

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  1. John Shearouse April 28, 2022

    My thoughts on this are it is another government boondoggle I’m totally opposed to government buying property and controlling it

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