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Sumas sounded flood alert siren this morning (video)

SUMAS, Wash. — Officials with the City of Sumas say they activated their flood siren this morning at approximately 9:05am. At the time, they advised residents to shelter in place.

The water has bypassed the Cherry Street bridge in Sumas. So, it will start to spread out and go through town. We are still encouraged because the flow continues to slow down. We recommend everyone shelter in place until we see how this flood unfolds. Please do not panic, make any necessary preparations now. Life safety will continue to be our number one priority through this flood event.City of Sumas (November 29, 2021)

Sumas’ flood warning siren sounds as water begins flowing around Cherry Street bridge (November 29, 2021). Video: City of Sumas

By 11:30am, floodwater was visibly accumulating in Sumas as seen from a WSDOT traffic camera.

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