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Sumas city officials sound the alarm over flood danger

Still image from video taken over Sumas during the Super Bowl flood of 2020. Video courtesy of WCFD14

SUMAS, Wash. — City of Sumas issued the following statement this evening, November 14th.

Based on what we are seeing right now, we are still expecting to see major flooding similar to the previous flood in 2020.

Our estimation is that this will start in Sumas between 1:00-3:00am tonight.

Please make all necessary preparations by elevating your personal belongings and moving vehicles etc as needed now. For those that still need to fill more sand bags, they will be able to do that themselves behind Sumas City Hall until midnight tonight.

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Click for more information

For everyone’s safety we are asking that everyone keep off the roadways as much as possible after midnight tonight.

We will not sound the flood siren at that time. We know the water is coming and there is no need to wake everyone up.

We are asking everyone that is able to, to shelter in place once the water levels start rising. This is for your safety. We don’t want everyone panicking and getting stranded in their vehicles.

Please pay attention to road closure signs and use alternate routes if possible. We also don’t want people out “joy riding” once the flooding starts. Even the smallest wake can mean the difference between going in someone’s house or not.

Please remember that life safety is our biggest concern. Protect yourselves, your family and your friends by thinking clearly and calmly.

We will get through this by working together again. A special thank you to all of our volunteers and staff that worked tirelessly this evening filling sand bags and helping their neighbors.

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