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Nearby: Support for indoor/outdoor sports/events facility sought (survey)

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Whatcom County residents are being asked to participate in a survey so that their needs and preferences can be included to determine the need for a multipurpose sports and events facility in Bellingham.

Bellingham Whatcom County Tourism Sports Development Coordinator Eric Rainaud-Hinds said in an email he has been working to build support for this project since he was hired 2 years ago. “We’ve finally secured funding for a feasibility study which this survey is a key component of.”

Rainaud-Hinds said in an email, “groups based out of Ferndale have expressed that there is a shortage of hard courts to meet the demand for youth and adult leagues and I know there’s probably many other Ferndale clubs and event planners would be well-served to have additional indoor space with courts for basketball, volleyball and other sports.” He added, “There’s also quite the unmet demand for convention space for trade shows, concerts, and other events which this study is aimed at discovering the feasibility of.”

The market analysis and financial feasibility study for an indoor/outdoor multi-purpose sports and event center in Bellingham is estimated to take 12 to 14 weeks. The intent of the study is to determine the need for a multi-use sports facility that will meet demands of the community and generate increased visitor spending.

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