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Letter to the Editor: Supports Fegan for city council

I believe Maralise Fegan is the best candidate for Ferndale City Council Position 7. I have known Maralise for more than four years, so I know she will always make fact-based decisions and those decisions will be driven by her desire to do what’s best for the majority of current and future Ferndale residents.

Maralise and I met at the first meeting of what would become the Ferndale Emergency Resource Network. After she earned her amateur radio license, we worked together in the Ferndale Auxiliary Communications Service, supporting police department communications and assisting during Ferndale School District emergency drills. To expand her skills, Maralise also completed training to become a member of the Ferndale Community Emergency Response Team (CERT).

Maralise makes her living as a paralegal and office manager of a local attorney’s office, and is by nature a critical thinker and problem solver. She also has a unique ability to see both the short and long-term effects of any decision. I have seen firsthand how Maralise uses her skills to help her entire community by working with others to train and plan for emergencies and natural disasters, and striving to improve school district facilities as an active member of the Bond Task Force.

As a wife and working mom of two children, Maralise knows how hard it is to make ends meet and understands there are limits on how much Ferndale residents can pay for essential services, especially water and sewer. Maralise also understands there are limits on how much more and how much faster Ferndale can grow. While not opposed to all growth, Maralise believes City Council should put more effort into creating opportunities to bring living-wage jobs to Ferndale rather than focusing so much time and taxpayer money on new residential construction, most of which ends up being unaffordable for Ferndale residents.

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Ferndale faces many complex problems in the next four years, including the effects of deferred road maintenance, water quantity and quality issues, determining how to fairly allocate the costs of the expanded waste water treatment plant, etc. Which is why it’s important to have a Council that represents the interests of the majority of Ferndale residents. A Council that will focus its efforts on providing better roads and sidewalks, improving the quality and quantity of the City’s water, and ensuring the costs and burdens of growth are fairly shared by those who create the growth and the residents who must live with its effects.

If you want a candidate who will listen to you and fight to do what’s right for all residents, Maralise Fegan should get your vote.

Cathy Watson
Lacey, WA

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