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Letter to the Editor: Endorses Llanos for city council

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I am writing to pledge support for Ramon Llanos’ desire to serve the City of Ferndale as a councilmember. I have known Ramon for over 20 years on both a personal and professional level.

On a personal level, I have always found Ramon to be a kind and compassionate person with great integrity. Given all of Ramon’s great personal traits, it is his professional experience that will truly be an asset to the City of Ferndale and its citizens. His many years of experience running an engineering company translates into a proven leader with great knowledge in the nuances of public infrastructure. Staying within budgets and getting jobs done on time are necessities in the private sector and a must for a successful engineering business. As Ferndale continues to grow, this knowledge will be a huge benefit as the City makes key planning decisions for the future and will result in taxpayers saving money.

Ramon’s goal is to do everything he can to help make Ferndale the best it can be for all of its citizens. My only regret is I cannot cast my vote for Ramon, as I now live in Bellingham. He will make a great councilperson and leader for your fine City!

Erin Sundean

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