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Letter to the Editor: Disputes candidate’s council meetings attendance claim

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As a 12-year city council member, it has always been my personal policy not to tell Ferndale citizens how to vote but I cannot in good conscience allow a candidate for Ferndale City council to say he regularly attends city council meetings when in fact that’s completely untrue.

In fact most of the city council hopefuls, Herb Porter, Ali Hawkinson, occasionally Erin Gunter and Ryan O’Larey and Gary Sandhu attend along with regular attendees Maralise Fegan and Ramon Llanos.

I have seen Paul Bulanov at a city council meeting ONCE in the past year. There’s not a lot of attendees at these meetings so it’s easy to scan the crowd in attendance which I do at every meeting. At the Candidate Forum Oct 19, Paul Bulanov, in response to a question about how he has brought himself up to speed, stated that he attends city council meetings among other things. This is untrue.

I ask you to reflect; if he’ll provide false statements about something this easily disproved what other untruths will he say after he gets voted in? I’m not willing to find out.

If you don’t like the way the city government is headed with taxpayer funded giveaways like no property tax for 9 years, $500,000 per building city fees waived for developers, etc., etc., I could go on then you need to vote for candidates that are NOT realtors or developers as they are trying to seize control of your city council to make this a developers dream come true city.

Cathy Watson and I did our best but we were always outvoted by the majority and you see where they got us Ferndale. Now it’s up to you; VOTE and stop the apathy of “my vote doesn’t count.” It does and you need to fill it out.

I support these candidates: Herb Porter, Ali Hawkinson, Erin Gunter, Paul Shuey, Ryan O’Larey and Maralise Fegan. Not a realtor or developer in the bunch. Let’s start with a fresh, clean slate and turn this city around for the good.

Keith M Olson
Ferndale City Council member

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