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Letter to the Editor: Council candidate offers cost saving ideas

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Dear Editor,

As a Professional Civil Engineer with a master’s degree in Engineering from the University of British Columbia, Canada, I have worked and lived in Whatcom County for the past 26 years. During this time, I have pioneered the introduction of a number of down-to-earth solutions to save costs and the environment; for example:

About 10 years ago I designed and assisted in the construction of Church Road in Ferndale, WA where I used a method called “Full-Depth Road Reclaiming”. In simple terms, this method saved the City the traditional digging of the soils and gravel under the existing asphalt by adding cement to the road-base resulting not only in avoiding the dumping of thousands of yards of undesirable materials on other sites but also saving the overall cost by about 20% while completing the project in less than half of the normal time!

With the same perspective, I have personally implemented a very innovative residential rainwater harvesting technique at my home in Ferndale which, according to serious studies, it can provide approximately 50% water-saving efficiency for the non-potable indoor water scenario in the Pacific Northwest. Residents and the City can benefit from implementing this technique as an effective storm water control measure (reducing chances of flooding and costly downstream drainage infrastructure) and also from the direct saving in reducing the water and sewer bills, which combined are in average of about $150 per home,

I am convinced that it is totally feasible to “Save costs and the environment” to better implement these benefits for the community, I believe it is time for me to seek elected office to bring practical and creative solutions. I am running for City Council – Position #7.

Among others, the key areas where my platform focus are:

  • Roads and Traffic.
  • More Efficient Urban Growth & Distribution
  • Invigoration and Revamping of the Downtown Area.
  • Residential Sun, Wind and Rain Water Harvesting.

For more practical solutions to key issues facing our community, please check my platform:

Ramon Llanos, P.E. MSc, LSIT,
Running for Ferndale City Council – Position #7

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