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Home security camera yields disturbing images

According to a Ferndale resident, the man seen in the video below did not have permission to take the resident’s 10-gallon propane tank about 12:15am this morning, Monday, December 10th, in the vicinity of 2nd Avenue and Cherry Street.

Home security video from residence near 2nd Avenue and Cherry Avenue. Note the pickup belongs to the resident.

The resident said he had recently installed the outside security video camera and it alerted him that movement had been detected while they slept.

“Wish I would have been awake to check it at that moment. It’s not really the tank, it’s the principle that he is right outside my window when I’m sleeping,” the resident told MFN.

man seen on security camera taking propane tank
A man is seen in this still from a security video taking a propane tank from a residence on security video (December 10, 2018). Video: from the resident.

Anyone with information regarding the identity of the man in the video is asked to contact Detective Pike at the Ferndale Police Department at (360) 483-5725.


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  1. Giuseppe Giuseppe December 11, 2018

    This is all to common nowadays in Seattle neighborhoods. So sad to see this spreading to our rural communities too. Common courtesy and respect for each other’s property is not so common anymore.

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