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Higher temperatures & strong winds in the forecast

Portal Way by Brown Road after a windstorm (August 29, 2015)- Photo: Courtesy Meagan McGovern

FERNDALE, Wash. — The National Weather Service (NWS) office in Seattle says to expect cooler weather today and tomorrow to change, bringing high temperatures in the 80s and, initially, strong winds.

High temperatures forecast for today, Saturday, September 5th, and tomorrow, are expected to be cooler than yesterday’s due to an onshore flow pulling in cooler moist marine air. Highs are expected in the low to mid 70s. That is expected to change Monday, Labor Day, when an offshore flow is expected to begin, bringing with it strong northeasterly winds and warm dry air.

The strongest winds are expected to begin Monday morning and diminish by evening. NWS forecasters expect north-northeast sustained winds of 11 to 21mph with gusts as high as 26mph. But some computer weather forecast models are currently warning to expect gusts of over 40mph in the Ferndale area.

Weaker winds are expected to continue through Friday along with the warm dry air. High temperatures in the Ferndale area are expected in the upper 70s to the mid to upper 80s from Monday through Friday.

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In 2015, a summer windstorm knocked out power for hundreds of thousands around Puget Sound over 4 days including many Ferndale businesses and residences and resulted in the cancelation of the Ferndale Street Festival just as vendors were setting up. Winds exceeding 60mph were recorded in Ferndale during that windstorm.

High winds during the summer season can pose greater risks of power outages and property damage resulting from falling trees and blown debris than in the winter due to deciduous trees still having their leaves.

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