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Ferndale’s first commissioned mural is underway

Brenda Goddard-Laurence at work on a mural in an alley on 3rd Avenue in Ferndale (June 12, 2019). Photo: My Ferndale News

Last November, the Ferndale Arts Commission (FAC) put out a call for mural designers to submit potential designs for murals to be located around Ferndale. One of those who responded is now onsite working on a downtown mural.

Located in the alley north of 3rd Avenue between Main Street and Vista Drive, the scenic mural is being painted on the east wall of a building that houses several retail businesses.

According to Rebecca Xczar, City Council member, liaison to the FAC and candidate for County Assessor, this is the first commissioned mural in Ferndale. The cost is covered by a Project Neighborly Grant the FAC received from the Whatcom Community Foundation. The cost is being covered by the FAC’s budgeted funds and a portion is being paid by the property owner. 

Mural artist Brenda Goddard-Laurence from Portland, OR. submitted a design that was approved and now she is underway painting it on the wall.

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Goddard-Laurence said she expected to spend about 4 weeks painting the mural.

Xczar said they are in the process of planning at least 2 more murals to be installed this summer.

12:30pm 6/17/19
The story was corrected to reflect the source of monies used to cover the costs associated with the mural.

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