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Cold weather brings potential for snow

The National Weather Service (NWS) says a cold front is expected to arrive Sunday. Whether snow follows and when remains uncertain.

Beginning Monday, low temperatures are forecast to fall below freezing through Wednesday. The coldest day in the near-term forecast is Tuesday, December 6th, with a forecast high of 33° and a low of 24°.

According to a special statement issued by NWS, the snow level is forecast to fall to near 500 feet at most places Sunday afternoon. But it will not be until Sunday evening that the potential for snow begins.

Another low pressure system may bring the possibility of widespread lowland snow late Sunday night into Monday morning, with accumulating snowfall possible.

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The best chances for snow are in the 10pm Sunday to 10am Monday window. The ground will still be plenty warm with the lack of any cold weather so far this season so the snow will have a hard time sticking to the road surfaces in the lower elevations.

Tuesday and Wednesday, while cold, will hold little opportunity for snow due to a lack of moisture.

Forecast models predict another snow event, possibly brief, but disagree on whether it will occur Wednesday evening or sometime Thursday. This will occur while a warm wet system arrives, colliding with the cold air mass. The warmer weather following this new system will not bode well for any hope of the snow sticking around.


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