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Route 65 graphic. Courtesy Whatcom Transportation Authority

Bus route connecting Ferndale to north county stops to be discontinued

FERNDALE, Wash. — Whatcom Transportation Authority (WTA) announced back in September 2017 that Route 65 would begin running from Ferndale to stops in Birch Bay Square, Lynden, Everson and Nooksack and back to Ferndale. The route was on a 2-year pilot program funded by a grant from the Washington State Department of Transportation.

Today, WTA officials announced the route would be discontinued. When asked what the deciding factor(s) were for discontinuing the route, WTA spokesperson Maureen McCarthy said in an email, “The ridership on Route 65 was very low.”

It was said when the route began that ridership during the pilot project would determine whether the route continued beyond the 2-year pilot period.

McCarthy said the last day Route 65 will run will be Friday, June 14th.


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Click for more information

All route and schedule details are available by calling 360-676-7433 or visiting the WTA website.


  1. Elaine Angel Elaine Angel June 6, 2019

    Why? That will cut off availability for citizens who have no cars a way to get places outside of Ferndale. I don’t see an explanation why it discontinued?

    • Steven Hallman Steven Hallman June 7, 2019

      It clearly stated they cancelled the route due to a low volume of riders… If all these senior citizens and people used the service, then they wouldn’t be cancelling it.

  2. Elaine Angel Elaine Angel June 6, 2019

    Does the public get a say on this?

  3. Elaine Angel Elaine Angel June 6, 2019

    Now i see that they will be providing vans for certain organizations? What about senior citizens? Where can we go to find out information concerning this?

  4. Elaine Angel Elaine Angel June 6, 2019

    Will there still be service on route 27 from Ferndale ?

    • Joe Beaulaurier Joe Beaulaurier June 6, 2019

      There has been no indication to believe otherwise. The only route being discontinued is Route 65 and that was due to low ridership, as per the story.

  5. Marv Waschke Marv Waschke June 9, 2019

    It’s always sad when a public transportation route has to be shut down. Even a lightly used route may have some riders for whom the route is a godsend. Nevertheless, I’m glad the WTA has the wit to experiment and the spine to stop when the taxpayers can be served better in some other way. That’s good government.

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